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P04 Series

Pushwire Junction Connector, easy wiring for all conductors including flexible, fine-stranded, solid and rigid, wiring up to 4mm²

– BEST For use in junction boxes, power-houses and compact electrical devices, LED light fixtures

– Each wiring-terminal with a LEVER for EASY push-in of flexible conductors and for disconnection of all types of conductors

– Comply with IEC/EN 60998-1, 60998-2-2



Housing: Polycarbonate 94-V2 (for body) / Polyamide66 94-V2 (for lever)

Metal Part: Plated Copper/ Stainless Steel Spring

Voltage/Ampere: IEC-EN 450V / 32A

Temperature: -20°C to 100°C (working)

Wiring Capacity: IEC/EN-standard 0.2 – 4.0 mm²

Strip Length: 11mm