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960B Series

Push wire / Screw mount Terminal, with central pole ready for earthing

Best for luminaire fittings

– Electroplated metal inserts

– Color: white

– with / without fixing snaps

– Comply with IEC/EN 60998-1, 60998-2-1, 60998-2-2


Housing: Polyamide 66 or Polypropylene (94-V2 grade)

Metal Part: Iron, zinc plated / stainless steel spring

Terminal Screw: zinc plated steel

Voltage: IEC/EN 450V

Ampere: 17.5A

Wiring capacity:

0.5 – 1.5mm² push wire side (solid conductor)

0.75 – 2.5mm² screw mount side


-40°C to 110°C (working temperature)

140°C (short period only)