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T-M(HG) / H(HG) Series

Super V0-grade Terminal Block / Connector, Raised base /High foot

– Temperature tolerance up to 195°C (T150)

– Color: Milky white

– High foot to pass the ‘whisker test’

– Comply with IEC/EN 60998-1, 60998-2-1


Housing: Polyamide 66 (super V0, pass 750 GWT)

Metal part: Plated brass inserts + stainless steel spring (wire protector)

Terminal screw: Zinc plated steel

Ambient temperature: T150°C

Voltage (V)450450450
Ampere (A)243257
Wiring Capacity up to (mm²)2.5410
Width (a)17.018.623.4
Spacing (b)
Screw (c)M2.6 x 5.4M3 x 6M3.5 x 7.2
Length (d)93.4116.15139.3
For Raised Base
Foot height (e1)
Total height (f1)13.915.218.2
For High Foot
Foot height (e2)
Total height (f2)16.517.821.9