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FLEXA cable protection systems are applied all over the world – and they come with all international certifications and permits.

So the user can be sure: FLEXA products can be trusted!​

Multilayer-Corrugated Tubings​

Especially for outdoor applications with internationally approved standards

ROHRflex Corrugated Plastic Tubings

ROHRflex corrugated plastic tubings

For almost all applications with internationally approved standards

Protective metal conduit

Protective metal Conduits

Highly flexible, lateral compression resistant, stretch resistant

Protective metal conduit liquid tight

Protective Metal Conduits Liquid Tight

Very flexible, weatherproof, waterproof, free of silicone and cadmium

Protective Plastic Conduit

Protective Plastic Conduits​

Extremely flexible, highly expansible, airtight and liquid tight

Special Protective Conduit

Special Protective Conduits​

Made of metal and plastics, conduits for the medical and sensor technology



Sealings, sleeves, end caps, ferrulles made of metal and plastics

Connector FLEXAquick

Connectors FLEXAquick​

Plastic connectors, adaptors,coupler and reducer

Conduit with UL listed

UL-Listed Products

UL 1660/CSA 22.2 Nr.227.2.1-14 for protective conduits | UL 514/B CSA C22.2 Nr. 18.3-12 for connectors

Tubing Clamp System

Tubing Clamp Systems​

Tubing clamps, reducer, inserts and assembly of varying sizes joined in line



Sealings, counternuts, reducer, enlargements, adaptors and more

Guide Chains

Guide Chains​

Made of plastics, economical,
easy to mount and extended lifetime

Suction, Blower, Transport Hoses

Suction, Blower, Transport Hoses

Made of metal and plastics for
individual requirements


The FLEXA protective system range can cope with almost any industrial application